Monday, August 31, 2009

C.M. + E.H. = Not meant to be

A couple months ago I convinced Christy to take a road trip with me to Columbia (a 2 hour drive) to see Eric Hutchinson perform a free concert.  The sky was looking a little dark, and this was an outdoor performance, but for some reason I wasn't too worried.  So we get there and find a spot to sit in the middle of the parking lot where the concert was being held.  The opening act came out and sang two songs, but most people were watching the giant cloud of darkness headed our way.  So after these couple of songs, someone came out and told us that they were going to delay the concert by fifteen minutes and to come back then.  We grabbed our belongings, got up, went inside for a little bit like everyone else, and then came back fifteenish minutes later.  We waited a little while longer and the same person came back out on stage and announced not that the concert was about to continue, but that it had been canceled due to the weather.  I was pretty bummed.  And the worst part is that it ended up barely even raining, let alone hailing and tornadoing and whatever else they were predicting.

While I had put this event in the past, this evening I thought I would check Mr. Hutchinson's website to see if he'd be in the St. Louis area anytime in the near future.  And then I found it.  He will be here September 25th.  Oh excitement.  Until about three seconds later.  I clicked on the link for more information.  Turns out he's playing at a local university and you have to be a student to go to the concert.  Bah!  This saddens me.  Thus, if any guy wants to play some Eric Hutchinson covers for me, I will give you a portion of my next paycheck (not sure when that'll be) and a big hug. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RIP Basil :(

I honestly don't think hamsters were made to be as cool as you.  You were a rare breed.  You never squeaked and rarely bit or had accidents (unless you were rolling around in your plastic ball).  You will be missed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Plugged In

Maybe all of my time "doing nothing" on Facebook and reading blogs and being in-tune with on-line means of communication may have not been entirely a waste of time.  I met with the owner of a production studio in St. Louis today to discuss places to look to gain some experience in the media industry.  I was nervous before I got there, but once I walked in the door my nerves just kind of went away.  Everyone was really laid back and friendly and seemed to be enjoying what they were doing.  I took that as a good sign.  Mr. U and I sat down and he gave me some good ideas as to where to look; most were places I never would have thought of.  Then we got to talking about social media and how the market seems to be trending that way.  He then got to saying that their studio didn't really have an on-line presence besides their website (this is when a light bulb seemed to go off in both of our heads).  I told him that I had experience with social networks on-line and he said that if I wanted, I could write up a proposal for getting their studio on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  If all went well, I could possibly have an internship-type gig with them.  Woot!  Yay for being proactive about my career.  It's refreshing. :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Blogs and Good Deals

I know, I know.  It has been ages since I last blogged.  I really have no excuse for not blogging.  I have had more free time in the past 3 months than I have had in a long time.  Sometimes I'm just lazy and get distracted way too easily.  But look!  I'm writing now.  I feel like I should find some topic to talk about, otherwise this post is just going to be me rambling the whole time.  

First I would like to direct your attention to two new blogs by two of my favorite people:
Emily's Blog: SingingRNtoBe
They blog more often than I do, so check back often.  And while I've got you here, check out Erin and Christy's blogs too:
Erin's Blog: Erin Lee is Alive
Christy's Blog: Photos by Christy
Le Love - a bunch of photos about lovey dovey sappy things.  It's very me.

I would like to take the rest of this blog post to say how thankful I am for tax-free weekends and coupons.  I love bargains and cheap/free things.  Even if at some point in my life I have a decent amount of disposable income (although this is  unlikely), I will still head to the back of the store, making my way though all of the nicely displayed shirts and pants, to find the slightly more chaotic clearance section.  Getting a great deal really puts me in a good mood.  It's kind of like a treasure hunt, if you will.  You never know what to expect; you could find nothing or you could find the object of your dreams.  Such a rush!  Anyway, I have spent the past two days in several stores, spent $50, and gotten a ton for my money.  Thank you crappy economy for luring me into stores with free money.  Now get better so I can find a job. :-p

That's all for now.  Now to my Missouri friends, go out and enjoy shopping sans tax!