Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Letter to My Future Boyfriend

Dear Future Boyfriend,

If you are reading this, I think you are amazing. Seriously. I am quite selective about who I date, and by the fact that I'm considering you to be my boyfriend, well you've got to be pretty freaking special. With that being said, there are some things you should probably know about me if you want to be with me. Here is a list:

1. I get pretty needy when I am sick. Bringing me Gatorade and soup will score you points.
2. I am not a reader. This is just a fact. But I will at least try to make an effort if you recommend a book to me.
3. I find vests to be very sexy. Also, skinny ties. Also, black button down shirts. Also, baby blue shirts.
4. I will want to hold your hand. Like all the time.
5. I will need your help in the dark. Please tell me if there is a step coming up and walk me to the bathroom if we are in a dark place.
6. I will run into things and trip over things because of my eyesight. I will be a little embarrassed about this, so please don't make too big of a deal about this when it does happen.
7. Notes/texts/calls/messages are huge for me. I want to know that you're thinking of me when we're not in each other's physical presence.
8. Sometimes I may not know the right words to say to you. Be patient with me and I'll be upfront with you.
9. On movies: I cry during sad ones. I don't like scary ones. I fall asleep during most of them, probably on your shoulder.
10. I have a cat. He is not super friendly or affectionate, but I love him. Please accept that he is a part of my life.
11. If I sing or dance in front of you, this is a very good sign. Especially if I am sober.
12. I am a romantic to the core. I like sappy love songs and chick flicks. Romantic gestures are always appreciated.
13. I will not have sex with you right away. Give me time, and don't pressure me. It'll happen when the timing and feelings are right for both of us.

Your Future Girlfriend