Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Her chocolate brown hair gave way to the wind, dancing in rhythms unknown to His sparkling eyes kept their gaze, would not blink, would not think of blinking until he saw Her eyes locked on his, startling him in that instant, a cough a wave a gesture would not come to him, all he knew was Her beauty passed others by with little thought, just one of the masses with so much to share and give and take and explore, but not alone were Her thoughts filled with hope and wonder at these enchanting eyes staring back into Her own crimson lips curled up ever so slightly at the corners as she saw His smile made her realize that sometimes all you need is one.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

April Showers

Well it has been awhile.  Also I have no ideas for a theme for this blog posting, so I will type as thoughts form words in my head.  I got up around 8:16 or so this morning to study for my psychology test that was taking place at 10:30.  I spent about an hour or so studying and the rest of the time showering, eating and interneting.  Keep in mind that I also studied some last night as well.  Tense switch.  I bring my book to class, just for kicks.  I walk into the room and everyone has their books out.  Dang.  I studied the wrong thing.  You see, we have book tests and note tests in this class.  I studied notes.  But don't worry, it was an open book test, and I brought my book.  I think I did better on this test than a lot of the other book tests.  A post-it note just fell in front of my face and I jumped.  He probably won't post the grades for another week or 2.  I don't think my summer is going to be that fun.  Well, it'll just be busy I guess.  But no vacations or anything because I'll be working 6 or so out of 7 days of the week.  But a lot of my friends won't be in STL anyway, so maybe that's for the best.  I need to call places on campus to figure out how to get college credit for my CW internship.  I always put off calling people of authority.  It's never that bad, so I don't know why I have hesitations.  Maybe that will be cured this summer talking to lots of people who want cars.  A guy passed me on a bike today and asked if I wanted to go to an Earth week concert on Saturday.  I said umm, maybe.  And he said it's not a date or anything and handed me a flier.  There were lots of different fonts on the flier.  It distracted me from the words.  I mean really, fonts are kind of like the tone of a flier.  There are 4 fonts, so 4 tones.  That is too much, I don't think I can go to the concert now.  I just looked at the post-it that fell in front of me.  It has the room number I'm supposed to go to to pick up a form for the internship credit.  I was putting that off, too.  I need to make lunch.