Monday, December 13, 2010

Date Ideas

It is one of my lifetime goals to accomplish every date on the following list, preferably with the same person, but there's some wiggle room there.

Sometimes after I've gone out with a guy a couple times, I pick out a date from this list and I ask myself if I would want to go on this particular date with this person. If I say no, it's kind of a clue as to how I feel about them. I don't want to make a fort or go to Medieval times with someone I'm not into - but I would LOVE to do these things with someone I really liked. When I like someone, I want to do everything with them, and I'm not afraid to do things I normally wouldn't with them.

I'm kind of stuck, and I'm looking for opinions. That's where you come in, blog readers! In looking for someone to be with, should someone only consider those people who they feel that initial spark with? The kind of spark that makes you giddy and excited, but could also be a fleeting feeling that could fade (does it fade?? I don't know - thoughts?). Or should you also consider those people who seem nice, and that you feel like you may get along with, but you don't feel that 'ohmygosh I'm so into this person' kind of feeling? I've dated a lot of "nice guys", and I usually pass them along because I don't feel that initial spark, but maybe that spark doesn't even matter. Maybe I've passed along some guys that could've been great for me. Does that initial amazing feeling matter? What do you think?