Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm beginning to realize just how many people I know on Truman's campus.  Maybe it's because I've been here for 2 1/2 years and it's a pretty small campus.  Maybe it's because I'm just that cool.  Either way, I will now proceed to take you through my day up to now, pointing out people I know and interactions I have made along the way.  Shortly after I left my apartment for class this morning (approx. time 9:23), my friend Drew yells my name out and we walk to class together.  I get to class and sit in the middle of Christine and Olivia.  We chat a little bit before class starts.  After class (10:20), I go to the 2nd floor of Violett with Olivia to study for our marketing quiz.  We find our spots.  I see John, he smiles and waves.  I smile and wave back.  I also see Matt, Matt, Joe, and Adam, whom I am facebook friends with, but not good enough friends in real life with to yell across the room to say hi to.  Laura comes up to Olivia and I around 11:18 and we chat for a few minutes and walk to marketing together.  I sit next to Maggie, whom I greet and we discuss our spring breaks.  

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Sometimes I'll look at an object and see a scuff of some sort on the surface.  Many times from afar I cannot tell whether there is a physical thing (+) on the object, or if I am seeing the absence of material (-).  There is always that couple seconds of wonder and worry, wondering whether it will be a positive/neutral, or negative situation.  If it is positive, I am able to brush off whatever dirt or grime exists and usually the consequences are very little.  I often feel a slight sense of relief when this happens.  Sometimes, however, I will run my finger over the mark and feel a nick along the surface.  This negative cannot be fixed as easily.  It is quite hard to add something fake to recreate the appearance of something being real.

It's okay to pile things on ourselves, to get a little messy.  We can always wipe it away and start from scratch.  But to take all of the positives (+) away and be exposed to the negatives (-), well that takes guts.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Free Haircut!

Check this video out.  Also, make sure you wear headphones.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Exhaust Fumes

Imagine yourself sitting on the side of a road.  Make it a familiar road - one that you drive down or walk across everyday.  The grass beneath you is still wet from the rain the night before, but it doesn't bother you.  You look up and glance to your left.  You can see the outline of a car, its shape growing larger and larger as it travels down the road, coming closer to you with every passing second.  Closer, closer, and its growth is reversed as your head almost automatically jerks to the right.  The car is now shrinking ever so quickly until you can no longer make out its existence.  For just an instant, maybe even shorter, this car was right in front of you.  And you didn't even realize it.  What did it sound like as this car was merely feet from your being?  The moment your head jerked from side to side.  Was there a noise?  Could you feel it?  The car was not approaching, nor was it retreating.  It was there.  Yet its speed was inevitable.  You could not grasp it in your hands and bottle it up.  But if the car were to stop, right in front of you, the noise would be known, the sight would be known, the meaning would be known.  Is this really what we want to know?