Monday, January 19, 2009

Time capsule

Ten years ago I made a time capsule for one of my classes.  I was supposed to open it in January 2009, so I opened it last night.  There was a letter in the bottom of the box, addressed to ourselves in the future.  Here's what I wrote to myself:

"Dear future self,
This time capsule was a project for Mrs. Marin's 6th grade social studies class.  I go
to Sperreng Middle School and I'm on team 6B.  Included are some things that were popular in the 90's.  I hope you enjoy it!
In 1998, there were many special events that happened.  Here are a couple: Bill Clinton, our current president, has been impeached, but not yet removed from office.  
Also, the movie Titanic was a big hit.  On September 9, I didn't get to go to the Cardinals baseball game, but I did watch Mark McGwire hit his 62nd record breaking ball on TV.
I am in Girl Scouts and I was on a little league bowling team last summer, and will
probably do it again next summer. My favorite TV shows are 7th Heaven, Boy Meets World, and Two of a Kind.  On the weekends, I like to play with my friends and do
crafts and anything that has to do with art.  Some of my friends are Nicole M, Allison Y,
Katie L, and Katie A.  I liked toasted ravioli and lasagna.
I think I will probably be in college when I open this.  Maybe I'll be working in teaching. Around the age of 25, I might get married.  I want to have a few cats, maybe
a little dog, and one of those birds you train to talk. I hope I'll still be in St. Louis.

Carlie Miller"

Also in the box were 2 soda cans, a box for my Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country 2 game, a Pex dispenser, a 32 cent stamp, an American Girl magazine, 2 pictures, a yo-yo, and a sheet telling how much everyday items cost.