Sunday, December 9, 2012

62 Days Later

What I'm working towards in parentheses

On money: dwindling still, but getting a paycheck helps greatly (unworried with extra to spend)
On social: several people to hang out with, love love love (check!)
On career: seriously considering grad school for elementary education (love my job, grateful)
On love: complicated but mostly not there (in love, happy)
On living situation: love (eventually living with a guy, but happy for right now)
On motivation: slightly higher since I've been working (high)
On creativity: it has been getting used a little (high and doing things with it)
On geography: thankful for my independence (feel safe, have room)
On eyes: same stress and anxiety (the surgery/treatment worked)
On body: we're fine with each other (I look hot and feel great)