Saturday, January 2, 2010


Kind of bored, kind of lonely, missing my St. Louis friends, strained eyes from staring at my computer for too long today, in need of social interaction but too scared to make it happen, texted a friend,  just went to dinner with a friend, ate amazing french toast, felt great getting out of my apartment, got a hug goodbye, needed that hug, sitting in my apartment, feeling what I felt before I left my apartment, resorting to talking to internet boys to curb my social appetite, wanting to cuddle, wanting to ask my neighbors for a random food item just to meet them, too scared/shy to do so, thinking it didn't feel like 3 degrees outside, thinking maybe it was the seat warmers in the car that confused my sense of temperature, wondering why another friend hasn't called or texted back, hoping he's okay, wanting to go to sleep, thinking about watching a movie, knowing that I'll fall asleep during the movie, done thinking for now.